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How Do I Get A Refund? Webroot Refund Policy

It may happen that you accidentally went for the premium version of a Webroot internet security product while you already had a pass-key or the product doesn’t suit your requirements and you want a refund. For most products, that we purchase, whether online or offline, getting a refund can be very tedious. However, Webroot Software Refund doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t matter whether you require a Webroot Spysweeper Refund or any Webroot product whatsoever you can easily get your money back without any kind of trouble.

Webroot Money Back Guarantee – Refund Policy

Webroot Refund service adheres to a 70-day money back guarantee. There can be two situations for you:

Online Refund Webroot – Purchased Webroot Product Online

• If you have purchased the Webroot product online you can easily initiate a return request on www.webroot.com/refund.

• You need to have your invoice in handy so that you can fill in your invoice number and the total amount on the Webroot Online Refund page.

• Post entering the above details just select the refund reason and hit the ‘Submit’ button.

• If you need any assistance or details regarding your Webroot Refund Request you can always call the 24/7 Webroot customer support toll-free helpline number.

Webroot Refund – Purchased Webroot Product Offline from Store

• If you haven’t opened the software and the packaging is still intact; for getting a Webroot Refund all you need to do is to return back the package to the store from where you purchased with the original receipt of purchase.

• However, if you have opened the software then raising a Webroot Refund Request on www.webroot.com refund page won’t work for you. You need to send the original disc, key code and the receipt of purchase to the following address, within 70 days of your purchase.

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